eeID – all authentication services in one place

Does Your company offer software solutions that require identifying its end users? Do You aim to offer the service to be used by people from all over the world For this very purpose, we have created an identification service eeID, which brings together different methods enabling strong personal identification in one platform. eeID helps companies to reduce the administrative burden and save valuable time.

Today, identification of service users has become increasingly important. Therefore, there are several solutions available in the market to choose from. For example, in Estonia there are four electronic personal identification options alone. In other parts of the words, they are joined by a number of solutions created by the state and private sector. However, these options all require adding separate connection, interface and administration.

eeID brings together various services enabling strong identity identification on one platform - it allows to save time from the administration and billing of each service provider's contracts, security keys and service parameters.

eeID service is based on Estonian Information System Authorities solution TARA - see the technical specifications here.

If you have questions regarding the deployment or management of the service, please write to info@internet.ee.